AI to help Interactivity. Leading the next wave of human interface technology.

Complementing and Surpassing

LiveInterface is where interactive content is born, a platform where it is experienced, and with proprietary tools that produce interactive content that leverages existing portals like YouTube and smart devices like Alexa and Google Home.

The Interactive Media Experience

Delivering how-to's, explainers, reviews, quick-start guides, previews, and storytelling featuring superior interactivity.

Intuitive App for Creating Interactive Media

A first for mobile apps, which specifically creates interactive videos within a single app, creating decision trees, pause points, etc during the content production process.

Powerful Sharing and Exporting Features

Although with it's own social media portal where creations can be viewed, the LiveInterface app also exports to the biggest social media sites in order to leverage existing popular user spaces (eg. YouTube, etc) which spaces have tools that are otherwise inferior for producing interactive media.

Users Earn Rewards

LiveInterface rewards users with superior incentives for producing great content (when compared to other portals). This will encourage greater use by existing social media stars and their fans.

Little About Us

For a dozen years LiveInterface has produced interactive touchscreen kiosk media and devices. LiveInterface has increasingly focused on developing tools to make interactive content easier to produce, enough to make that process available to the public. Additionally LiveInterface has been developing portals for each of our kiosks, but now for the public to use to post their own interactive media.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to put into every handheld device a portal full of interactive media on every subject imaginable, as well as an ultra-intuitive tool to allow anyone to create, post, and share such media.

Our Vision

Our vision is that media through our portal will be so superior of an experience (due to the interactive nature) that it will be the 'go-to source' whenever users want to either teach or learn something new.

Our Revenue Model

Advertising has conventionally been the revenue model by portals such as ours, as is the case with us, but given our superior interactive media production suite we expect to produce far more beneficial training, explainer, and how-to type media from which users can take advantage of direct-purchase opportunities related to the subject of each video. As these videos are interactive in nature our users can also include these offers in their videos and share in those profits.

Contact Us

We are partnering up ... so come get in on the ground floor. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more.

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